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Yaxley Parish Council News.

The Parish Council has purchased a defibrillator which has been installed on the front wall of the Cherry Tree Public House. The Parish Council is very grateful to Wayne Moore for helping with the installation by connecting the electricity and to Russell Wall for allowing it to be on the wall of the Public House and also for paying for the electricity it will use. The defibrillator has been registered with the Ambulance Service.
The following Videos may also be useful: - Good but with Semi Auto model.  The defibrillator is fully automatic.  No need to 'Press the Red Button'. - Physio-Control Sales Video - annoying music and long with too much emphasis on 'LifeLink'. - Getting The Defibrillator ready for use. - Physio-Control - Replacing Electrodes & Batteries - Can Skip to 35 seconds in.  Doesn't explain too well.

Speed Indicator Device:
The Highways Department of Suffolk County Council will install posts for the Speed Indicator Device in the next few weeks and it will then be in use. There are three sites where it will be used, two on the Mellis Road and one on the Old Ipswich Road. Parish Councillors will move it from site to site. The Parish Council hopes that the Device will help reduce speed through the village.



Private Pumping Stations

We may have some good news for those of your parishioners who have a private pumping station on their property, and have not yet registered it with Anglian Water.

Currently, homeowners spend hundreds of pounds every year for electricity running costs, maintenance and repairs to look after these private pumping stations. They may even have been flooded if it’s broken down in the past.  

As of 1 October 2016, many of these private pumping stations automatically transferred over to Anglian Water and became our responsibility. We have taken over all of the maintenance and the running costs too, saving customers hassle, worry and money.

We’d like to ask for your support in letting local residents know about this, and asking them to get in touch with us if they think they have a private pumping station. 

To help customers identify and report the pumping stations, further information can be found:

We have also produced some posters which you can download here, that can be published in your parish magazines and newsletters, or placed on your parish noticeboards. 

If you have any questions about this campaign, please reply to

For any other queries, please contact our Public Affairs Team on

Thank you in advance for your support.



Anglian Water Private Pumping Stations Campaign Team


Small gas fired power station at Eye

See PPL update on the left.

Yaxley Allotments:

There are some allotments available for rent from Yaxley Parish Council.  Here is a great opportunity for you to grow your own food, and while doing so take exercise, for less than £1 per week.  This is much cheaper than the cost of gym membership and you will also have fresh produce for the dinner table as a result.  If you are interested, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council - .



Message from the Police and Crime Commissioner


As your Police and Crime Commissioner it’s my job to ensure you as a Suffolk taxpayer gets the very best value for money for policing in the county. At the moment I don’t believe we get a reasonable share of funding so I am launching this campaign to get public support to make a case to Government for a fairer settlement.

I welcome a fundamental review of the funding formula by the Policing Minister, Brandon Lewis, as it provides me with this opportunity to lobby for a formula which is readily understandable, transparent and provides a fairer funding settlement for Suffolk.

But I need your help, I’d like you to go to to read my assessment and, if you agree, to show your support by emailing  by Friday 20th January . Any additional comments that anyone wishes to make can be added to this email.  I  will use these public responses as evidence to lobby the Minister for a fairer deal for Suffolk.

I think Suffolk should get a more equitable settlement, which reflects the challenges the county faces.  Whilst I recognise that fairness should take account of specific factors that will be common across all policing areas, I think the rural nature of Suffolk should be given proper weighting and the challenge of policing individual communities over a large geographic expanse should be considered when levels of funding are agreed.

Suffolk is home to one of the largest container ports in Europe, has a coast line of over 60 miles, we have five military establishments including two American airbases, the county is home to a nuclear power station and the A14 is a major route of national importance – my concern is that the Government does not recognise the significance of these crucial strategic national assets and the impact it has on our police service.

If we compare ourselves to one of our closest neighbours, we would receive around £3m more Home Office grant funding every year if it was funded to the same level as Norfolk (using unweighted population as the basis of the calculation).  This is just not fair; £3million is a huge disparity between two quite similar counties.

Suffolk has a reputation of being a very prosperous county, and while there some very affluent areas, over 83,000 people in the county live in income deprivation at the most minimal standard provided by welfare benefits, that’s over 10% of the population.   The recently published ‘Hidden Needs’ researchmakes pretty sober reading; the first report was written five years ago and sadly deprivation levels have increased right across the county since then. Sadly, where there are higher levels of economic and social deprivation, communities suffer from increased levels of crime, anti-social behaviour, addiction and abuse, which provides resourcing challenges for the Constabulary which are not considered in the current formula.

To support my call for a fairer share for Suffolk please go to to read my assessment and then  by Friday 20th January.

Kind regards

Tim Passmore

Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk


For all general enquiries please contact the Parish Clerk (but please avoid phoning in the late evening or at weekends unless the matter is particularly urgent). If you have a particular question or comment for a parish councillor please use the list below. Meetings are held in the village hall and begin at 7:30 pm. Members of the community are always welcome.


Parish Councillors


phone (01379 unless otherwise stated)

Keith Pawsey(Chair)


Julian Moore 


M. Fisher


John Hawes


Ian Luff


B. Feaver


Charlie Wright

Roy Hall

Amanda Luff



Our County Councillor is: Jessica Fleming
The Limetrees, All Saints Road, Creeting St Mary, IP6 8PJ
tel: 01449 711065, mobile: 07872 673 958
e-mail: Jessica Fleming

Our District Councillor is: David Burn
Sunnyside Cottage, Church Lane, Yaxley, IP23 8BU
tel: 01379 788712, mobile: 07889 301 414
e-mail: David Burn

Our Member of Parliament is: Dr Daniel Poulter
House of Commons, London, SW1A 1AA
e-mail: Dr Dan Poulter MP

Yaxley Allotments

Most people in the village will know that the parish council administers land in the north of the parish, some of which is given over to an area of 30 allotment plots that can be accessed by car from the end of Old Norwich Road.

Currently there are a several vacant plots that are available for rent. Plot holders sign up to an annual rental agreement and pay £30 per year, which goes towards maintenance of the site, provision of water, insurance and general administration costs.

If anyone is interested in taking a plot for the current year, which runs from 1st October to 30th September, please contact the parish clerk. If demand exceeds supply, preference will be given to Yaxley residents and then to parishes with which Yaxley shares a boundary before granting tenancies to those from further afield.




Please note that the minutes files provided in PDF format in the panel to the left are in draft form and are not necessarily as agreed by the council. They are subject to possible amendment and correction at the subsequent parish council meeting. To establish the accuracy of any minute item, therefore, it is necessary to check the minutes of the meeting after the one in question to see if any changes were approved.


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